A big spoiler was revealed on Facebook this morning for Test of Honour and I had to share.  A new set will be coming up based on none other than Kurosawa’s amazing classic film, Seven Samurai. Here was the teaser:

Details are pretty thin but the set is to include the seven famous samurai from the film and I assume new scenarios/missions will go along with it.   I would love to play some re-enactments of the famous scenes from that movie as I’ve been devouring everything from it for years now.

While I’m very excited to see what Warlord does with it, there are some little things that are bothering me.  One is the art.  That box art is nigh terrible and caused at least one person to question if this was a joke or some fan-made expansion.  I really hope they can put a little more effort into that cover art.

Second is the that the miniatures poses will be based on those illustrations.  I’ll have to see them to really judge but the poses seems a bit too static.  Even though the illustrated art of Test of Honour can be pretty subpar, the metal miniatures have been great so I’m not too worried about it but it did temper my excitement a little bit. The set is a ways off so things may still change. Regardless, it’s Seven Samurai in a rule system I’ve been enjoying so a lot of fun coming up and I can’t wait to see how it shakes out.

The weekend is coming. Might be time to watch the movie all over again for umpteenth time.