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Or Resin Is The New Metal?

Yep, more Metal talk as today I briefly show off some of the new Knight Models miniatures I picked up. First off, we have the new Batman Who Laughs.

I’d prefer these minis in metal just for thematic sake but I also found a lot of the resin figures I got where slightly damaged or of weaker quality. I’ll have more pics as I paint these up but the backside of this model is pitted like the resin didn’t fully flow into the mold or they did not properly get all the air out.

Next up is The Merciless. It’s hard to tell but his right wing on the helmet has a broken tip. Also the sword is so flimsy I’m just hoping to get through the model before I accidentally break it.

The Red Death is up and this time, the left “ear” tip is broke off.

The Drowned model actually came out fine but that is a pretty low margin of success for the Dark Knights. The sculpts are fantastic though and I’ll just deal with the little quality issues.

In non-Metal sculpts, I have the Gen Con 2018 “Nightmare Batman” model. This one also turned out great and I love the idea of having this alt concept of a gun-toting Batman running around.


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  1. I don’t think the issues you are experiencing have to do as much with the material as they do with Knight Model’s casting quality. Their metal miniatures also show much pitting in places and small parts like bat ears broken or damaged.

    It’s a shame, there is a lot I like about Knight Models.

    • Christian

      Maybe with resin there it is just more noticeable. I have seen damaged bat ears and my Leto Joker from the Suicide Squad (metal) had an arm joint that was basically destroyed and I had to greenstuff it back. I also have had issues recently with TTCombat resins as well.

      I agree that the quality seems hit or miss but I like their sculpts too much to stay away. I’m still hoping for the rest of the Dark Knights to get produced.

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