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Shadespire Gets Pampered

I finally got around to punching out and opening all of Warhammer Underworld: Shadespire’s bits as well as putting together the Stormcast side of the starter set.

A friend gave me a good tip to cut off the push-to-fit pieces or at least cut them down if you are gluing the models (like I was).  It makes the pieces fit tighter and with less force.  It made these last three figures come together very easily.

Battlefoam also had a sale over the Independence Day holiday so I took advantage and bought their custom insert for the Shadespire starter set.

As with most Battlefoam trays, the tray works very well and sit in the starter perfectly while holding everything in place. The cards are known to get sleeved since you’re able to reconfigure your deck so the slot for them is oversized accordingly.

With everything inside, the box does ride higher but it’s an acceptable compromise.

With Gen Con less than two weeks away, I’m going to have to find another gear to get through my prep list.  I still have to work on some of the trophies for my events like the Loopin’ Chewie tournament and Pitch Car Death Race. I’ll need to run through my Catacombs sets to make sure I have enough for everyone.  And finally, I’ll need to get back to my X-wing Uglies and make sure I have enough bits for everyone as well as make my balance adjustments.

Lots to do but all in the name good fun!

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  1. Sean Gewecke

    I recently bought the Shadespire box based on the recommendation of a friend. Good tip on trimming the posts so the models fit together better.

    It looks interesting, but it is going to be a bit before I get the models painted so I can play a game.

    • Christian

      Shadespire is a great, quick skirmish. No fuss, just play cards, roll dice, and kill stuff. I would love to paint them but they work fine unpainted since GW put the plastic in different colors.

      I picked up some Army Painter primers to try on my ASOIF so I might prime up the Shadespire minis too. I’m likely picking up the other Khorne guys since I don’t really care about the Stormcast group so maybe my “starter” will just showcase Khorne on Khorne action.

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