This week I was able to finish up a couple more items on my Walking Dead to-do list: the Rick on Horse figure and my cheap plastic toy tank.

The tank was exceedingly easy as I try not to spend too much time on terrain if I can help it.  After a comment on my initial post about the tank type, I started looking into it and found that it kind of resembled an M48 Patton:

I liked the simplicity of that scheme so I ended up co-opting it for my cheap replica.

After priming it again in white, I picked up some simple star stickers and applied them to the appropriate areas, mimicking the the stock M48 picture.

Then I primed the whole thing again in a dark grey.

While the model was still fairly wet, I carefully pealed off the stickers and my tank was basically done.

Then I went and ruined the dark grey by trying to wash and highlight.

Ah well.  It’ll still work fine for the scenario I have in mind.

Rick on Horse was a pretty difficult model to paint due to the tight areas around his shirt and jacket. If I was to do it over again, I’d remove him completely and magnetize him to make it easier to get to the hard-to-reach spots.

It’s no Rackham Confrontation model but I really like the simple dynamic model Mantic created and is easily the best sculpt of the Walking Dead line.

I accidentally ordered two of this set and I have some plans to customize the other copy a bit more.  Hopefully my plan works out but either way, I’ll write about its success or failure soon enough.