Day 4? I know it’s weird but stay with me. I was thinking about this challenge and I may have jumped in a little premature without forming a reason to do it. I have the reason and a new goal but first, the mini of the day.

Ok. So. I have a backlog of minis I’d like to paint up. The April 30 For 30 was a nice challenge but thinking more on it, I don’t want an arbitrary month to just dedicate to painting as I think I’ll just take a big break afterwards. Last time that lull was two months and it seems counterproductive.

I’ve decided I’m early enough in this challenge to change things up. No longer will this just be about July. This challenge will have no end date. Instead, I’ll just keep going and the challenge will be to see how long I can keep pace.

I’ve reset the clock now to how many consecutive days I’m putting paint on a model. I’m widening my scope as this challenge will be for the long haul. This means I’ll include paint in any form going on any model- miniatures, terrain, etc. I’ll even include inking models and priming/ sealing them.

The clock is now set to Day 4 of consecutive painting and I’m excited to see how long I can go. I may change up the format and make a dedicated list page instead of spamming post after post each day but that likely won’t happen until the weekend. In the meantime, enjoy the backside of this latest old west fighter to join the Earp faction.