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July Paint Challenge: Day 5

So. Day 4 didn’t happen so this challenge was a bust but I’m going to soldier on anyway. Today I got through the last of the Earp brothers, the doomed Morgan. He was done in same style of his brothers.


Painting Challenge 2020


July Paint Challenge: Day 6


  1. Russ Spears

    As a loyal follower of Christian’s Challenges(tm), I believe Sepia Painting Guide can serve as a substitute for a Painting Challenge Entry ™.

    July Painting Challenge(tm) back on!

    As an addendum, the X-Wing post makes me want to dig out my set and try those solo rules.

    • Christian

      Ha! I was thinking that guide may work as a substitute an d it was a holiday so there is that too.

      RE: X-Wing, even the stock bad AI that FFG put out got me to pull ships out and pew-pew around some asteroids. It is definitely a different experience and needs more in the way of pilot development or compelling scenarios but it is a good start.

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