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In the middle of last year, I was pretty excited about Infinity TAGs (the large mechs of the Infinity Universe). I went so far as to put them all up in a running catalog post (which I recently updated with some of the missing pics). Flash forward to earlier today and Corvus Belli announced a teaser for their next board game venture:

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Infinity: TAG Menagerie

Having completed my current wave of Infinity in April and with my gaming life still on lockdown, I spend a lot of time reading up on Infinity. I’ve come to find that even though they might not be competitive, I’m loving the big mech monsters of the game: the Tactical Armor Gear or TAGs.

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Lighting Up The Guijia

With all the work now done on the Infinity Guijia Squadron model, I was able to show off the last little addition I made. With this biggest Yu Jing model in the game and TAGs being more of a centerpiece unit, I really wanted to make things stand out so in addition to the custom base topper, I also decided to build a custom base to house an LED and have the base light up.

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April 30 For 30 Paint Challenge: Day 12

Day 12 has me starting something new (still getting through Infinity though). I finally started up on the Guijia Squadron, the big TAG for the Yu Jing faction.

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