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Walking Dead Wednesday: Here’s Negan

Late last week, Mantic’s stand-alone board game based on The Walking Dead, titled “Here’s Negan,” got an early leak thanks to an impatient web developer at ICv2.  The link was only up for a few hours before they realized the blunder and pulled it down but earlier this week, they released the details again.

image from ICv2 and Mantic Games

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Walking Dead Wednesday: Tank time

I was walking through my local Walgreen’s and stumbled upon a cheap little find for The Walking Dead: All Out War- a plastic army man set with some interesting plastic terrain:

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Walking Dead Wednesdays: Farm Scenery

Stewart Gibbs is a studio manager at Mantic Games and answers questions on Facebook for The Walking Dead: All Out War.  I was going through one of the threads and Stewart was kind enough to give details on the scenery for the next three expansions.  I don’t recall exactly what thread his comments were in but I did save them for future reference:

For the farm, you’ll need 6 fences around 3″ long, a tractor, a barn around 6″ by 8″, and 4 hay bales.

For the prison, you’ll need 5 chain link fences around 4″ long – that’s it for the prison as the rest is the internal corridors which are printed on the mat. You could build a 3D one to match, but you’ll need to wait for the actual mat if you want to match sizes etc.

For Woodbury, you’ll need 2 smoke clouds about 3″ across, 4 lamp posts, 6 stakes for walkers to be tied to in the arena, and a tank around 7″ by 4″. The rest of the Woodbury stuff is four houses, all printed on the mat. They must be small enough that there’s room on a 20″ mat to have a street between them, and space between and behind them for models to move. They can have a few rooms in each, but all of them must have at least one 75mm square room that is used for certain objective overlays.

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