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An Ocean Of Whiskey

As a side project, I decided I wanted to mess around the “ship in a bottle” concept.  It came from the last minute decision not to throw away our empty bottle of Jefferson’s Ocean from Gen Con.  This whimsical decision ended up leading me down a path of the act of bottling a ship (not for the faint of heart or shaky of hands) and eventually to a CNC project and some science with the kids.

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Dropping Minis All Weekend Long

This weekend saw a lot of Dropzone as we celebrated a friend’s birthday with a bunch of Dropzone Commander games going off simultaneously.  With 6 players, we had all five factions represented and I did a poor job of capturing the event as we had several interesting games going on.  My map featured the orbital defense laser in the “Laser 2” scenario from Reconquest Phase 1.  The Shaltari v UCM was  river defense layout and the Shaltari v Scourge was a custom narrative scenario with some elevated highway terrain.

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