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July Paint Challenge: Day 1

With a glut of new Infinity models and time to kill, I thought I’d start up another month-long Paint Challenge. I may not post everyday but I’ll catch up as often as possible.

It took me a while to get everything together and organized for this month so all I have is some quick starts. I selected some primed Infinity models and gave them all a quick dirty wash.

with those down, I moved on to my old west figures from Knuckle Dusters.

I’m just doing some heavy shadowing on the Wyatt Earp figure. This reminded me a lot of my “inked” Negan figures and I’m just experimenting with how I want to approach this “sepia” theme. Next will be maybe some blending and then highlighting the skin and brighter pieces.


X-wing On My Own


July Paint Challenge: Day 2


  1. Russ Spears

    Boom, day 1: Travesti gets her dirty, dirty wash.

    I know it’s a simple thing, but the wash on those Infinity minis is just right to help bring out the details. There was a guy, which I forget because he quit updating his blog long ago, that would do a light-dark wash to help “his old eyes see the detail”, which I quickly tried to adopt.

    My best friend has long wanted to do western themed minis. I’ll have to get him to tag along and see what gloriousness you make.

    • Christian

      HA! She just can’t catch a break!

      I definitely like the wash. The next step on these is to usually dry brush the white back in to leave only the deepest recesses filled. The only danger I have with the wash is the details come out so well on the model that I don’t want to ruin the potential the model has with my painting. It is almost worse than a blank canvas syndrome (though I don’t actually feel any anxiety when painting).

      With the old west figures, I’ve been trying to get this project done for years now and I finally reached that point to just do it. I finished the first figure yesterday so I should have him up shortly.

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