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All Aboard!

I had some more time so I decided to finish up the rest of the Dropzone Commander Monorail scenery pack.  I decided to keep it in the muted tones I found in a recolored vintage image of art deco trains from the early twentieth century. This meant keeping the gunmetal primer as a base and customizing my red into a dark mauve.

I then detail with gold trim and highlights.  I rust it out then swath it in Nuln Oil to complete the antique and ruined look.

The engine is the focal piece of the vehicle so it sets up all the theme with the gold leads and piping.

The mauve after getting hit with a heavy wash turned out more like a rich wood.  The gold continues through to help break up the two main colors.

I still have to decide what to do about the bases as they are a bit plain looking. I’ll wait until I seal them to decide.

Except for all the heavy bit of repetition with the three cars all being identical and the seven identical pylons, the kit was a lot of fun and I liked painting up the off colors.


Off The Rails


Death Of An Icon


  1. Russ Spears

    You’re really tempting me to pick up the monorail (it’s on the Miniature Market sale right now, too). I really like your support pylons – they just look “right”. I think I’d go for an asphalt look for the rest of the base, nothing really fancy. I think that’d fit the cityscape well that you normally play with.

    • Christian

      Nice! I decided to use the ruinscape tiles to finish off the bases. It was easier than trying to fake the concrete look and worked out pretty well. I’ll have pics in the next post.

      Regarding the monorail, I don’t mean to fan the flames of FOMO (fear of missing out) but I wrote TTCombat and they said they don’t have a timeline as to when they’ll reprint it. It seems to be getting more scarce and with the MM sale going on it, it might be the perfect time to buy.

      • Russ Spears

        I think I have 100+ still shrink-wrapped games that are FOMO (going to use that all the time now!) inspired. And that includes whatever I’ve managed to get for Dropzone Commander.

        I’ll likely play a little game of Let The Fates Decide, and see if MM still has any in stock for a last minute order on Sunday. Because we all know I need more stuff to paint?

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