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Cold Hearted Orb Rules The Night

I picked up this great little toy the other day and had a little fun with it setting up a few Test of Honour pics.

Here were my favorite of the bunch:

While here were some of the others left on the cutting room floor.

Pretty easy to set up and get a great dynamic effect.  Helps that the minis from Test of Honour are pretty great as well (Ninjas of Iga and the Teacher special figure).


Walking Dead Wednesday: Here’s Negan


X-wing: Uglies Free-For-All variant


  1. Russ Spears

    The pics are awesome (although the last cutting room floor pic is my favorite)! Between Batman and zombies lumbering at night, I think you’re going to get some good use & nice pics from your purchase.

    I had been looking for pretty much that type of moon/light to try to fit into X-Wing, but the best I could find was a kind of 2.5D light at Target.

    Yet another thing to add to the list of ideas I’m stealing from you.

    • Christian

      Thanks! Funny as it was looking up that 2.5D light that brought me to the small 3D printed one and I picked it up instead. They are small but come in different sizes and I’d recommend picking up the biggest one you can afford to spend money on. I ended up with the one that is about 5 inches or so and I like the size.

  2. Russ Spears

    Did you happen to see the 5.9″ color changing moon (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078RQNNYD/)? It’s only gotten 1 (bad) review, but the color options intrigue me.

    • Christian

      I like the size and the color could be cool (I do have some games that are still in color) but that review is not great since it’s saying the colors don’t work and that would be the main reason to get it. I haven’t had an issue with mine but I have played around with all the options to make sure they work (granted mine are pretty simple with two colors and changing the intensity). I guess you could always return it if it failed.

    • Christian

      That didn’t take long to get! Nice shots and I’m digging the different color moods you’re getting with that orb over your Walking Dead cityscape. Great Stuff!

      • Russ Spears

        It was such a good idea I couldn’t wait!!!! Might be time to get a camera I can take low light pics with, though.

        Now I can’t wait for your next genius idea that I steal LOL!

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