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Gen Con Recap 2019: Day 3

After running my events Friday night, Saturday is typically for me and where I stack most of my events. Typically, Saturday is the busiest day in the dealer hall so it works out well. Still… I can’t stay away so I had some time before my 11:00 am event so I went on tour.

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Tafl Making: Following the Obsession to its Logical Conclusion

As I discussed last week, I was pretty excited about seeing some 8th Century board games.  The more I researched into what the games might be, the more intrigued I became and so I decided to make a replica of that Tafl game (I assume it is Tablut) so that I can play it and complete the circle, so to speak.

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Pimping Games in the 8th Century

A new exhibit opened up at our local History Museum titled “Vikings: Beyond the Legend” and it caught my attention so we decided to check it out.  While going through a lot of the standard museum artifacts and the kids were busy talking to several of the reenactors the exhibit had, I stumbled upon a set of artifacts that caught my eye.

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