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The Table Has Turned

I’ve been slowly working on creating 6′ x 4′ gaming table with storage underneath for various miniatures games and I finally wrapped up the final touches.

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More Table Talk

I was able to complete a little more on my new 6′ x 4′ gaming table over the week. This time, I finished up the main table space.

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IKEA experiment

I’ve been slowly getting things up and ready to unpack the basement and the more I work around down there, the more I see how to use the space.  One of the things I’m excited about is the open space to set up games in.  While the basement is unfinished (unlike the last house), I’m starting to like the flat concrete floor as I’m now fascinated with casters and making everything mobile.  It started as a way to lift my shelving up off the floor in case of a low flood out but now the potential has opened up other options.

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