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Monstrous Behavior

We’ve seen how the hero will operate in my game so now it is time to take a look at how the enemies behave. In solo games that I’ve played, I usually see two extremes where either the enemies have a very simple “seek and destroy” routine or highly complex set of routines that are “if-then” dependent or randomized in cards or the App’s operating system. I think both can work well but it depends on the game’s other factors to see it come together and make for a great game experience.

Gen Con Recap 2019: Day 3

After running my events Friday night, Saturday is typically for me and where I stack most of my events. Typically, Saturday is the busiest day in the dealer hall so it works out well. Still… I can’t stay away so I had some time before my 11:00 am event so I went on tour.

Gen Con Recap 2019: Day 2

With Day 1 of Gen Con down, my main dealer hall day comes up and I have several games I want to see in action to judge if they are shelf-worthy.

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