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Scenic Life

With my first land terrain piece done for Blood & Plunder, I moved on to scatter terrain and smaller items. I knew I wanted the standard Caribbean palm trees but there is then the question of storage. I decided I needed to print my own tree bases and would use cheap plastic trees to plug-n-play.

Gifting Grasshoppers

While watching the Dice Abide twitchcast last week, I was fortunate enough to win one of their fantastic prize giveaways, a Grasshopper light dropship from Dragon’s Rest designs and printed by PrinTerrain. (yes, that is a lot of links for an opener)

Finding The Limits

I’m back working on some Age of Sigmar items but have some work ahead of me. I’ve been wanting a Chaos Warshrine for awhile but never picked one of for a variety of reasons. I found one cheap second-hand and snagged it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t complete and for some reason, I really wanted this missing item.

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