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Walking Dead “Wednesday”: Body Count

After making my Lurker variant using one of the existing Walking Dead models, I found that I wanted more but didn’t want to start ripping apart a bunch of my already painted doubles so I’ll have to wait to see what other doubles I might get later on.  I don’t want to have to wait too long so I went in search of some modern figure bodies that I might be able to use. Eventually, I found a set of dead body figures from TTCombat and after receiving them, I found they work quite well.

TTCombat figures come unpainted.

Since these are scenery pieces first and foremost, I tend to spend as little time as possible on them but even with that, they were very easy to work up, especially in the black and white style.

Now I have a veritable minefield of Lurker zombies just waiting to devour my hapless survivors.

rick grimes rides through a corpse strewn street

I don’t think you want to take this road, Rick.

Tiny Racers

I recently spent some time painting up something besides my black and white Walking Dead collection (shocking, I know).  I talked earlier about receiving Championship Formula Racing (CFR) and my 1976 F1 cars from Shapeways and I decided to start painting them up.

Before I get into that though, I also picked up a game I’ve had my eye on for a while now. This game also deals with racing but of a completely different era: Chariot Race by Eagle-Gryphon Games.

Chariot Race is a light game of, well, chariot racing and while the components are a bit lacking with standee chariots and flimsy player boards, the game seemed fun and can work as a nice filler or evening-ender.

The standees just weren’t doing it so I found out about Irregular Miniatures, a UK-based miniature producer and found this awesome little 6mm chariot racers.  Not only were they a great fit but Irregular Miniatures offers painting services at very reasonable prices so I jumped at the chance to not have to try to paint up these super small minis.

Ian and his team did a great job and I’m glad I finally have the game to show off his great work.

Back to my own painting, I had some fun getting back into color painting and started working on my 1976 series F1 cars.  I’m using ideas from some of the stock photos of these cars as well as BGG User, Ghost95, for his excellent work on these models.

I haven’t done any numbering yet so they aren’t technically finished for me but they are basically done. My game of CFR has enough components for 8 drivers/bots so I’ll probably do another five cars to complete my set and work up more cars if more driver decks are released for the game.

Damn these guys are tiny though. Those are standard 3.5 inch construction nails those cars are mounted on and the aren’t even as wide as the nail head.  Going this small does mean that the crappy craft store acrylics I use really show their limitations, especially when photographed from so close but I’m happy with the start of these.

And they look great on the track as well.

I was also able to throw Santorini down onto the table this weekend before we got into some heavier games.

I went 1 for 3 in a quick set of two player games (no God powers).  I don’t think I’ve developed any sort of rhythm with this game yet but I plan on putting it to the table as often as I can to get a better feel for the game.  Sadly, Inis and Rum & Bones: Second Tide didn’t hold as well as I’d hoped and Santorini was the highlight of the evening.


Walking Dead Wednesday: Horseplay

As I mentioned in my Lurker post, I picked up a second Rick on Horse set on accident so I’ve been looking at what to do with the extra miniatures. Since I found a nice use of the extra duplicate walker, I decided I should do something with the extra Rick figure too.

Checking out some of the upcoming expansions, I saw the retail booster of Ezekiel and his tiger, Shiva.

One thing that caught my attention (after the awesomeness of Shiva and some cool new equipment cards) was the concept of playing an animal as a survivor.

I decided to make a separate “horse” miniature for the game that you can play as a functional survivor. The booster pack already comes with a horse equipment card so I would use the mechanics of that to make the rules.  First, however, I wanted to make the horse miniature.

I started out trying to cut off the glued on Rick figure but found it less destructive to push Rick back and forth on the horse until the glue broke and I could just pull him off.

Next, it was really easy to use greenstuff to fill the hole and smooth it over.

Then all that was left was to paint it up.

I don’t keep notes on the specific shades I use to paint but it would have been really helpful making this doppleganger horse.

And finally, I made up a survivor card for the horse based mostly on what the equipment card has and then extrapolating the stats based on the custom survivor creation rules in the back of the Days Gone Bye expansion.  This got everything to 20 points, just like the equipment card.  I can’t read the low quality image of Shiva’s card but it looks like there is some kind of “beast” or “animal” trait that forbids the animal to manipulate thing or reduce the threat counter. Even if it doesn’t, it seems to make sense that the action pool will be limited on an animal.

I removed the gear slots just like Shiva’s card but left the Pack slots. This works similar to the equipment card’s own rule on allowing you to attach items to it to simulate thing being stored on the animal.  I haven’t tested anything on these rules but will hopefully give them a run soon enough.

Now I just have to figure out what to do with the Rick figure.

6×6 Gaming Challenge Update

I’ve had a concerning item on my 6×6 challenge list for a while and wasn’t sure if it would even release with enough time to get in my six plays but I was finally able to pick up this interesting item: Championship Formula Racing.

Championship Formula Racing (CFR), has been struggling to release and when it did release, its struggles continued.  The game seems to have some unclear packaging where the game box lists contents that aren’t quite what is inside.  To try to avoid this mess, I picked up my copy from Cardhaus as they had a retail version of the Kickstarter campaign and was guaranteed to have the thing I was most excited about the game- automated drivers based on historical legends in the sport.

image by Punk Reaper on BGG

There was another issue as well where the car miniatures and the spaces on the race track aren’t in sync.  A lot of people on Boardgamegeek complained that the miniatures are too big but after seeing the game on my table, I contend that the track board spaces are too small.  The publisher is already looking at ways to redo to the boards so the track spaces better fit the miniatures and I think that is the best call. It does, however, leave current owners in an awkward situation.  Luckily, I was anticipating replacing the cars anyway so I also picked up a great set of cars on Shapeways that will fit the small track spaces.

These cars were printed in Ultra Detail and are pretty darn tiny but they fit the game boards perfectly.

I’ll start painting them up and then it’ll be race time.  The game looks like a lot of fun and I’ve already heard a lot of good things about the historical racer AI so I look forward to getting this thing on the table soon. Now it’ll be just finding time to paint up those little cars.

I also recently got in another session of Santorini.

This time we tried out a couple of three player games.  We started with a pretty wacky power set where one player (me) made it so if you could go up a level, you had to, another player said you could never descend, and the finally a player that made it so you couldn’t build adjacent to her player pawns.

It was brutal as my opponents kept having to climb up and not descend and once they were cornered on their side of the board, my extra pawn was free to do whatever it wanted on the opposite corner.

We scaled things back in the next game and went with three players without powers.  This game felt a little more in control but three players in an abstract game like this runs into some funny interactions where you force the next player to act, lest they let the next player win.

I was able to get off to an open corner earlier than my opponents and after forcing them to try to stop each other, gained the positioning that led me to the top. Great board and components and fun to throw down and hash out some nice clean abstract gaming.

Walking Dead Wednesday: Heavy Horses and Plastic Tanks

This week I was able to finish up a couple more items on my Walking Dead to-do list: the Rick on Horse figure and my cheap plastic toy tank.

The tank was exceedingly easy as I try not to spend too much time on terrain if I can help it.  After a comment on my initial post about the tank type, I started looking into it and found that it kind of resembled an M48 Patton:

I liked the simplicity of that scheme so I ended up co-opting it for my cheap replica.

After priming it again in white, I picked up some simple star stickers and applied them to the appropriate areas, mimicking the the stock M48 picture.

Then I primed the whole thing again in a dark grey.

While the model was still fairly wet, I carefully pealed off the stickers and my tank was basically done.

Then I went and ruined the dark grey by trying to wash and highlight.

Ah well.  It’ll still work fine for the scenario I have in mind.

Rick on Horse was a pretty difficult model to paint due to the tight areas around his shirt and jacket. If I was to do it over again, I’d remove him completely and magnetize him to make it easier to get to the hard-to-reach spots.

It’s no Rackham Confrontation model but I really like the simple dynamic model Mantic created and is easily the best sculpt of the Walking Dead line.

I accidentally ordered two of this set and I have some plans to customize the other copy a bit more.  Hopefully my plan works out but either way, I’ll write about its success or failure soon enough.

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