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Month: February 2016

Meeple mania

I first encountered them in Klaus Teuber’s Carcassonne well after the term “meeple” was coined.  These iconic pawn figures have been a mainstay in the board gaming world since their classic design in that equally classic game.


image from wikipedia

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Showcase: Sails of Glory

As I’ve discussed previously, I’ve wanted the old out-of-print Broadsides and Boarding Parties for a while so when my friend decided to sell his copy, I jumped at the chance. It just happen to be about the same time that Ares Games’ Sails of Glory was hitting the shelves. I ended up with both games in my collection at the same time and was playing around with both when it hit me: why not make a giant-sized version of Sails of Glory using components from both games?!? (the why not is actually pretty obvious as my living room picture below can attest but whatever. Paying attention to “details” kills too many otherwise fun and absurd ideas).

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Big Pimpin’

One thing that has fascinated me in board games is the concept of taking a standard game and blowing the whole thing out to a larger size.  These “super-sized” or “Giant/Mega” versions of games are usually seen at game conventions or public spaces. I suspect this is mostly due to the cost involved in creating giant versions of the game and the space needed to play/store it but it also creates a spectacle and attracts a lot of attention.

It’s the spectacle that drives us to make giant versions of these games. It’s this unique aspect of play that engages the players and the audience in a way that takes something very familiar and maybe even boring and makes it into a memorable experience. For me, playing a giant version of the game brings me back to a child-like state where the pieces barely fit in my hands.  My movements are awkward and clumsy and I become fully immersed in the game itself.  It occupies a wide field of my vision and I am in the game as completely as I can ever be.

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Showcase: X-wing Miniatures case

I was trying to figure out how best to carry my X-wing miniatures models as I started traveling to tournaments both locally and farther away like Indianapolis’ GenCon and Fantasy Flight’s Worlds competition held Minnesota.  I randomly stopped at a garage sale (something I do maybe once every few years) and happened to find an old Star Wars action figure case for $3 (Power of the Force Millennium Falcon edition from Kenner produced around 1996).  Once I saw it, I knew it would work perfect as a case for my X-wing minis.

Falcon Case blog

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